No job too big or small

Stand by for a landscaped, green version of this project. 

Snow Guards 

Here in the Midwest, we occasionally get snow. Snow slides nicely off a metal roof. This is good, except when it's over a doorway, patio, or in this case, a conservatory roof. We offer various types of snow guards to suit your needs. 


Custom Flashing

When roof transitions get complicated, we will design and bend custom flashing on site. 

Retro-ease detail

Retro-ease can be a valuable asset when installing metal over existing shingles. It creates a separation between the shingles and metal, and allows us to quickly and economically install a new metal roof.  

Roof hugger

On an existing steel roof where removing the old roof is not suitable, we can install a subpurlin called Roof Hugger over the existing metal roof, then install a new roof with no interruption to the operations inside the building.   

We will update this page periodically with before, during, and after photos.